Greetz, I ran into a problem this morning. I'm currently migrating over from iptables to nftables. My problem is, that I'm running my containers behind nat and I want to forward my ports (e.g. 443, 80) onto my container. There is no error when applying the ruleset below, but I'm not able to get onto my webserver when using nftables.

Thanks in advance for the answers given by you. :^)

Cheers, TheGoliath

My config: (/etc/nftables.conf) https://hastebin.com/poxadagoce.pl

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Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Type nat hook prerouting priority 0; <-Should be -100 (minus hundred) according to NF_IP_PRI_NAT_DST netfilter constant
  2. Use "meta nftrace set 1" in prerouting and "nft monitor" for debug you packet flow
  3. Simplest ruleset to isolate problem and make example

I also have not working dnat. From one iface all OK but from other not.

Packets enter prerouting, dnat accepted But nothing happens after this. "Conntrac -E" does not see these packages.


Thanks to Роман Иванов for useful nft monitor.

NAT doesn't work because i use this rule at the end of filter forward:

iifname wan0 reject

in chain NAT you need rule:


nft add rule nat prerouting iifname wan0 tcp dport { 80, 443 } dnat  

in chain FILTER you need rule:


nft add rule filter forward iifname wan0 oifname lan0 ip daddr tcp dport { 80, 443 } accept

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