I'm trying to setup a trivial private repository using the official registry image and kwk/docker-registry-frontend as a frontend.

My docker run command for the registry

docker run -d -p \
--restart=always \
--name registry \

My docker run command for the frontend

docker run \
-d \
--name registry-frontend \
-p \

I can push images to the repository directly:

docker tag some-local-image localhost:50000/my-name/my-local-image
docker push localhost:50000/my-name/my-local-image

When I navigate to the frontend in my browser (, the frontend loads, however the image is not listed...

This seems about the most basic setup possible; what am I missing?

  • On a side-note, I would use docker-compose, otherwise those parameters to run are stored only in the current container, and when you need to upgrade or whatever, they are lost. – Halfgaar Feb 4 '18 at 19:42

This pointed me in the right direction.

I'd thought -e ENV_DOCKER_REGISTRY_HOST= was relative to the networking stack on the docker host. Turns out it's from the perspective of the container!

Using a LAN address for the docker registry proper solved it.

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