I'm trying to use systemd-networkd to configure a static route. The actual IPs are different, but here's the gist of what I'm trying to do:

ip route add dev eth0

If I run this command, my networking setup works exactly as intended. I just need to establish connectivity between this host and the subnet. My host is on a different subnet, and it cannot route there on its own for some reason. Now I want to take that same static route and configure it via a systemd-networkd file.

Here is the config I've tried using


Gateway= # IP address of eth0 interface

I have also tried with Gateway set to the default gateway for the eth0 interface, but every time I get the same error:

eth0: Could not set route: Invalid argument

Any ideas what I could be doing here?

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    Did you configure a route to The kernel needs to know how to route traffic to the gateway, in order to use it as such for another route. Though in this case I would expect the error message Could not set route: Network is unreachable. – devurandom Jul 18 '18 at 21:29

If you run ip route add dev eth0, you'll get this in ip route show: dev eth0 scope link

Note the scope link part.

So try this in your networkd configuration:


Specifying a dummy gateway address should not be necessary then.

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