I got Apache Web Server 2.4, and a JBoss 7 exposing a web project.

Since I'm working locally I made an /etc/hosts/ domain entry like:    testmask

And put this virtual host config inside my Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>   
    ServerName testmask/
    ServerAlias  testmask
    RewriteEngine  on 
    RewriteRule   ^/$  http://testmask/MyWebapp/  [R] 
    ProxyPass / http://testmask:8080/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://testmask:8080/

And this works like a charm. If I put on browser:


It redirects to:


So ok so far.

Now since I would like to have the same result but leaving only:


I've made a proxy on rewrite rule:

RewriteRule   ^/$  http://testmask/MyWebapp/  [P] 

But I got a 404 not found problem on css and js that are relative to context root.

This is because my browser is trying to get css and js from:

|-  css/*
|-  js/*
|-  medias/*

while they are in:

|-  css/*
|-  js/*
|-  medias/*

(typical folder structure of build\ReactJS create-react-app).

Tried different approaches via RewriteRules or Proxypass but nothing works, probably due to my poor experience on Apache.

Consider I prefer not to touch the index.html since my projects need to live alone also, since I'm developing it via npm.


I would try with mod_proxy.

First enable:

a2enmod mod_proxy
a2enmod mod_proxy_http

Then in your apache config it would look like this:

ProxyPass / http://localhost/MyWebapp
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost/MyWebapp

So now if you connect to http://localhost/ (or in your case http://testmask/) it should be proxy to MyWebapp.


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