nb. I mean Linux nodes and containers, but where one's development environment is Windows.

As far as I can see, there are two main tools for making Kubernetes deployments to AWS:

  • kops
  • kube-aws

However, both of these tools are Linux/MacOS only. The binaries can be used using Windows Subsystem for Linux, but unfortunately, I believe they're subject to this bug.

Given how popular Kubernetes and AWS is - I would have imagined that there's quite a few developers using Windows making deployments to AWS - I'm wondering how they're doing it.

  • Linux VM? I can't imagine trying to develop for Kubernetes on Windows directly. – Michael Hampton Feb 8 '18 at 5:02

I would recommend Looking at Terraform combined with Typhoon. Terraform is cross-platform infrastructure provisioning tool, that support modules for common functions. Typhoon is such a module and IMHO the most reliable approach to deploying cluster.

I have been evaluating deployment Tools for weeks and specialized Tools like kops had a very high failure rate in producing a running cluster. Typhoon on the other Hand works and combined with Terraform you can basically store the definitions of your cluster in Version Control too.

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