To be clear, I have both the csr and cer files.

The csr was generated on my desktop. The cer was generated by our CA. I can import the site.cer file file but it doesn't show up in IIS because the csr is missing.

Is there a way to import that csr into IIS so that the Certificate is viewable in the Server Certificates? Currently I see it in Personal.

I tried running the following but it errors on the Smart Card which I do not have.

certutil -repairstore "my" <serialnumber>

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You need to run the following on the computer where the CSR was created:

certreq -accept filename.cer  

You may then export the certificate to a PFX file on that computer, and import it to the computer personal store on the IIS computer. Ensure you include the private key in the export.

  • thank you! as soon as I did this I just exported from my desktop with private key and then was able to import to the server IIS instance.
    – whoisearth
    Feb 8, 2018 at 17:41

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