I'm running Jenkins, currently 2.89.3 on Windows, and have managed to configure SSL (...hooray!...).

Problem now is that I want to encrypt the -httpsKeyStorePassword defined in jenkins.xml, but despite all my Google-skills, I have not been able to figure out how to do it. Actually it might be that the answer is "no can do", ref. JENKINS 38090 - Configure encrypted password for java keystore in /etc/sysconfig/jenkins which seems related and says:

It is not possible to enter encrypted or hashed passwords for java keystore. Variable: JENKINS_HTTPS_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD in /etc/sysconfig/jenkins only able to read "plain text" password!

Anyone able to either confirm that the above Jenkins issue is still valid, but most hopefully point to some documentation (which I should have found) explaning how to do it.

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