I have a VNet with 2 address spaces: and VPN Gateway with GatewaySubnet and address pool.

I am able to make a connection and reach VMs in the space, but not space. I have no custom routes.

The effective routes and effective security look identical on machines in both address spaces.

How can I further diagnose?

  • Do you have some NSG for subnet – Shui shengbao Feb 12 '18 at 6:25
  • there wansn't anything but default. issue was that I didn't update routes on my client. When VPN client gets downloaded it comes with known routes. I created the address space after I created the VPN client. – cudima Feb 13 '18 at 16:29

The issue was that I created the VPN Gateway before I added the address space. The VPN client I downloaded did not contain routes for, so traffic went over the internet instead. Once I re-downloaded the client, traffic routed through VPN. But still didn't reach target. I had to restart the VPN Gateway twice [because of redundancy?] to have it route properly inside my VNet.

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