I am working with an ubuntu server running apache2 but I can't upload files, but I can log in to ssh and touch test.txt When I log in to the server with filezilla and try to add a file to /var/www I get a 550: Permission denied error.

The server admin is away so asking is not a possibility but he did give me sudo privs before he left. He set up the server in a hurry so is there something I can do that he may have forgotten that is basic or advanced?

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    You should ssh to your server and check permissions of /var/www/ folder using command ls -la /var/ and change permission of /var/www directory to 777 using following command sudo chmod 777 /var/www/ Once you're done with file upload change back permissions to earlier stage. – Shailesh Sutar Feb 9 '18 at 19:15

It's the issue with others, which is 0, nothing permitted. I assume you logged in server with permitted user but ftp user is probably stuck with others permission.

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