All LEDs of an half height LTO-6 drive are flashing with ~ 4 Hz. An LTO-5 tape is still inside, the drive does not react on commands, the flashing continues after a power cycle.

I could not find the error code in the Tandberg manual. The drive is ~3 years old and has just a history of ~15 full backups, the tape was written twice. So I do not expect a mechanical wear, but rather an electronic problem.

This Tandberg LTO-6 drive is an LTO-6 HP drive in individual housings, hence it would also help to know what this code means for the HP LTO-6 drive.

Who knows what the code means and where is it documented?

all LEDs of an LTO-6 drive are flashing

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I googled a few examples of LTO-6 tape drives, and they all seem to have basically the same LEDs, although their arrangement varies by OEM and form factor:

  • encryption
  • cleaning required
  • tape (error)
  • drive (error)
  • ready

There is no power button LED, so my guess is that the power button and its LED are not integral parts of the drive mechanism itself, but related to the external enclosure and its power supply.

I note that all the LEDs are blinking, including the power LED. If the power LED is directly connected to the enclosure's power supply, its blinking might suggest a power supply problem, and the blinking of the tape drive's LEDs might be just a side effect of the enclosure's PSU repeatedly trying to start up and failing, 4 times per second.

Things to check:

  • Power cable firmly plugged in?
  • Incoming power OK? (no over/undervolt)
  • Does the enclosure include a fan? Is it spinning?
  • If the power supply is an external wall-wart style, does it smell bad? Feel suspiciously hot?
  • Try using a different power socket if possible.

It looks like the device might have a 3-year warranty as standard, so it might still be possible to get this fixed/replaced as a warranty support case.

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    It is correct that the drive LEDs are the same, because all LTO-6 drives are the same. The drives can be mounted in a housing with powersupply. Tandberg puts a HP half height drive LTO-6 in this one for example. It sounds very reasonable, that the power supply restarts, this would explain, why it is not documented in the drive manual. – Jonas Stein Feb 10 '18 at 20:35
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    The manual covers controlled LED flashing. This is likely a case of uncontrolled flashing as telcoM has pointed out. – Zac67 Feb 10 '18 at 22:23
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    My experience also says this is a PSU problem. If the drive is not under warranty, you can (carefully!) disassemble the external housing to extract the standard LTO drive inside. On the rear of the drive you'll find a standard SAS power connector, unless this is the fibre channel version. Plug the extracted drive directly into a different server and see if the drive boots up normally. If so, just get a new housing; it's a lot cheaper than a new drive. Of course, if the warranty is valid send the whole thing back without disassembling it first! – madscientist159 Feb 12 '18 at 0:06

Assuming its a HP drive...

Its broken.

Considering you can't insert a tape... call for service

enter image description here

  • In this LED sequence from the HP manual, only 3 LED's flash. – Jonas Stein Feb 11 '18 at 1:28
  • 3 LEDs are flashing. Light is bleeding through to the other two IMO – Journeyman Geek Feb 11 '18 at 4:00
  • No, the LEDs clearly flash all. The next nearest neighbors are not illuminated by diffuse light. The clear housing of a blue LED can not convert yellow light to blue. Even with the bad designed devices, where neighbor LEDs are illuminated too, it would not illuminate the power LED in 10 cm distance and a different housing. – Jonas Stein Feb 11 '18 at 11:11

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