I have an existing custom sub-domain which I have mapped to my existing Azure App Service web app via CNAME. I have also assigned this custom sub-domain to my app service app via Azure portal successfully. I can see "HOSTNAMES ASSIGNED TO SITE" section as expected and also access my custom sub-domain to see default azure app service content page.

To buy SSL certificate I'm following steps on MS docs here.

I can't complete Step# 4 Verify Domain Ownership. I selected App Service Verification method to verify ownership. However, I continue to see following message -

No App service app configured with the custom domain : my-sub-domain

  • We had the same problem, which is not true that there's no App service with that custom domain. We ended up using manual verification method. – Marc Climent Nov 15 '19 at 8:47

Refresh the Azure Portal and then re-check.

You can verify the DNS propagation by going to this URL http://digwebinterface.com/

Specify the hostnames in the textbox and click on Dig. Verify the results to confirm if the recent changes have taken effect

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