first sorry for my english.

I have a problem with my linux server (Zorin Os: FTP, SSH and Apache2) the server works in local network but outside it does not work anymore. my ports are open on my router and I even try several vpn with port forwarding (tunnel.my.id vpnbook.com portmap.io) and many diferents ports, here are some screens. thanks in advance. "ufw status"

Router panel ( ports forwarding )

  • Question 1: You write 'does not work anymore'. Did it work before? What has changed? Question 2: The black screenshot is from UFW your linux server, right? Then some rules don't look right, like 21 ALLOW 21 and 13000 ALLOW and 21 ALLOW OUT 21. Maybe remove them. Question 3: What is the second/white screeshot showing? The port forwading on your router? If so, forwarding the same port(s) to multiple internal IPs won't work. – Bob Feb 14 '18 at 12:21
  • Question 1: No sorry it never works, Question 2: Ok thanks i will test it this night Question 3: yes its my router port forwarding panel, it was just for testing with an other pc – Mehdi Bouchrit Feb 14 '18 at 15:05

Update : I don't know why but after making some changes ports are open with VPN port forwarding, but whene i use my router and my own ip it not work anymore. And whene i use VPN Port forwarding i can only acces to my server with html If i try to connect to the FTP its not work but whene i put the FTP ip and port in a webbrowser, i see my welcome message.

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