How do I disable X Window system on Fedora 11 box from startup at boot time ? Since host is used as a server and not as a desktop I'd like not to waste limited memory resources on X and Gnome.


The /etc/inittab file describes which processes are started at bootup and during normal operation. This file is used to start X windows system at boot by setting default run level to 5. Edit the file /etc/inittab using a text editor such as vi, enter:

vi /etc/inittab

Find line:


Replace with:


Save and close the file. Restart the server.

You can also drop to text mode by typing init command:

init 3

You should then be able to still run the command (if you need X)


Hope that helps


Remove an init script symlink from '/etc/rc?.d/': it should be called 'S*-gdm'. You can also rename it from 'S*' to 'K*'. The '?' sign stands for a runlevel.

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