have an IIS 7.5 (win 2008 r2) server and i want to bind the same web site to 2 different domain and to 2 different certificates.

I can't use wildcard since the domains are different FQDNs.

If i add 2 bindings for https and port 443 i can't select 2 different certificates (when i change one binding it changes the other).

There is a way to solve this without using different port or splitting to 2 different websites?


IIS 7.5 does not support Server Name Indication (SNI), meaning, each separate TLS site needs its own IP address.

You need to get a second public IP and a second site to host two different domains via TLS. Or upgrade to Server 201x

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If upgrading to a version of IIS that supports Server Name Indication (SNI) is not feasible, you might be able to use a single certificate, with both FQDNs listed in the Subject Alternative Name field.

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