This is strange:

» ps -ef | grep gitlab
gitlab-+ 19663  4237  0 06:45 ?        00:00:00 postgres: gitlab gitlabhq_production [local] idle

But the gitlab-+ user does not exist:

» cat /etc/passwd | grep gitlab

Why could that be?

How can I tell ps to show me the user id instead of the user name, for all entries?

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Use n parameter, described in manual page:

n      Numeric output for WCHAN and USER (including all types of UID and GID)


ps -ef n

N.B. there should be space, not dash before n


The + sign at the end of the UID field just means "the username is longer than 8 characters and did not fit here".

For historical reasons, the field widths of ps -ef output have been kept as they are, even when usernames longer than 8 characters have become common: mostly because there are a lot of scripts that parse its output and would fail in mysterious ways if the field widths would change.

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