I set up a tunnel ipsec with strongswan and openiked with x509 PKI. The tunnel establish correctly but I have some problems.

  • The gateway with iked can not ping the local IP of router vyatta but vyatta can ping the local IP of the gateway with iked.

  • The subnet can not join the subnet (and conversely)

Below, a schema of my configuration:

 +---------------+    +--------+.100   +-------+   ISP    +---------+.1
 |Private subnet +---^|  FW    +------^+ Box   +^---------+FW       |
 +---------------+   1.--------+       +-------+          +---------+           Strongswan        NAT              OpenBSD (iked)

My iked.conf:

ikev2 "site2" passive esp \
    from to \
    from to \
    peer any local any \
    srcid iked.example.com dstid vyatta.example.com \
    #ikesa auth hmac-sha2-256 enc aes-256-ctr group modp2048 \
    childsa auth hmac-sha2-512 enc aes-256-ctr group modp2048 \
    tag "$name-$id"

My ipsec.conf (strongswan):

conn site1




But, when I add these two routes on my iked gateway, everything is working:

route add -inet -llinfo -link -static -iface vmx1
route add -inet

except for one thing. When I made a redirection rdr-to and nat-to combination from my packet filter, it did not work. The packet is correctly redirected toward a server on subnet and the src ip is natted (snat is I noticed that openbsd did not forward because it request a arp address for, what I don't understand. So I have no idea why the packet is not encapsulated in the tunnel, I see nothing when I do "tcpdump enc0".

So, I have two questions:

  • Why my iked gateway can not ping vyatta gateway without route? Is there something missing on my configuration file (iked.conf)?
  • Why openbsd made a arp request instead of redirect the packet in enc0?

This question's a few months old, so you've probably long-since figured out your issue. And this likely doesn't answer your question, anyway. But I notice that you've commented out the ikesa option in your iked.conf file. I just found out (the hard way) that everything following the comment won't evaluate. So if you're using pf to refer to your $name-$id tag, it won't evaluate correctly, because iked is never interpreting this option. Same for your childsa, if that's of importance to your setup.

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