here is my environment

  1. Oracle 12.2
  2. NON-CDB
  3. The oracle user is part of dba and oinstall group as follows

    $ id oracle uid=1000(oracle) gid=54322(dba) groups=54322(dba),54321(oinstall)

  4. The ORAPW file has been created using ORAPWD utility


Here is my problem:

I can connect using following meethods

a. sqlplus SYS"@DBALIAS" as sysdba ( it asks for password )

b. sqlplus SYS/PW@DBALIAS as sysdba

But when I use following, I get ORA-12154 error

sqlplus '/ as sysdba' ERROR: ora-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified


You commanded your shell to run sqlplus program and give it one argument / as sysdba. The argument is a single word that contains spaces inside (that's what quotes do in shell). Thus sqlplus looks for a TNS name / as sysdba and fails.

Instead try

sqlplus / as sysdba

That's a program name plus three separate arguments.

If you've really set ORACLE_HOME=DBALIAS then it will surely fail. You need to set it to precisely the same string as you used to STARTUP this database. Something like

export ORACLE_HOME=/dir/for/oracle/binaries

If you set it properly, you should be able to execute

"$ORACLE_HOME"/bin/sqlplus  / as sysdba

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