I've got an Elixir application running inside a Docker container (in my laptop). The Elixir application was executed with the following command:

iex \
  --name test@ \
  --cookie secret \
  --erl '-kernel inet_dist_listen_min 9000'  \
  --erl '-kernel inet_dist_listen_max 9000' \
  -S mix phx.server

And the Docker container exposes the following ports:>4000/tcp,>4369/tcp,>9000/tcp

  • 4000 for the Phoenix server
  • 4369 for EPMD
  • 9000 for the VM node

Then I try to connect using an IEx shell using the following command:

iex --name local@ --cookie secret which results in this error: Protocol 'inet_tcp': register/listen error: epmd_close

This seems to be because the local epmd daemon is trying to allocate to port 4369, however, this is already allocated to the Docker container.

I then changed the EPMD port like so:

ERL_EPMD_PORT=4370 iex --name local@ --cookie secret

and I manage to open up the IEx session. However, I cannot find the node running on the Docker container:

iex(local@> Node.connect :'test@'

I'm not sure how to solve this. I was following this blog post.

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