Hi I noticed strange behavior on my VPS host

  • I launch nmap on my laptop and scan VPS host

nmap screenshot

  • Listed netstat on VPS server

netstat screenshot

tcpdump screenshot

So it looks like I have some open ports(from the laptop point of view), but cannot see that in the system. What is going on?

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    Please don't in future use images to put text into questions: cut-and-paste the text, and use tags to make sure the formatting is preserved. Thanks! – MadHatter Feb 28 '18 at 9:00
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    At the moment, this looks like a non-question: you have a service running on port 1720, when you connect to it it kicks you off (for purely application-layer reasons). Your use of netstat will not show this service (try netstat -an | grep 1720), so you are confused, but nothing is self-contradictory. Does that seem fair to you? – MadHatter Feb 28 '18 at 9:04

I think, that you are looking for this command:

netstat -tpln

This command will show you listening ports with application, which are those listening port servicing.

Description of parameters:

-t: tcp ports (you can try -u for udp ports too)
-p: pids of programs
-l: show listening ports
-n: numerical only

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