I have configured a Domain Controller on a Windows Server 2016 (in AWS). Before setting up the AD I can able to browse the internet. But after configured the AD I can't able to ping the computers which all are added to that domain(but if I use FQDN its working). Also, I can't able to access the internet. But whenever I tried to ping using IP address I can able to access them. Public websites also.

  • My windows domain name: sql.com
  • I tried to add the in the forwarders - Able to access all the websites.
  • In Append this DNS suffix I added sql.com - Able to ping all the computers using their name.

Network Settings:

  1. VPC range:
  2. In DC DNS IP in IPv4 properties:
  3. Domain name: sql.com
  4. Reverse lookup: created (PTR records are also there)
  5. In AWS my AD and other servers are in public subnet. Necessary ports are opened.

My Questions:

  1. Why I couldn't able to ping the servers using their names (before adding the Append DNS suffix).

  2. Why I couldn't able to access the internet (until I have added the to the DNS forwarders.)

  3. If I removed the google DNS IP from the forwarders and removed Append DNS suffix, after reboot the Network shows Public Network instead of a domain network.

Can anyone help me to understand at least first 2 questions,But Im using Windows Server 2012 from past few years where I didn't face any issues like this.

  • I have identified the issue, Its only in AWS, please never mind. – Bhuvanesh Mar 2 '18 at 14:31
  • If you've solved, the issue, you can post an answer. Or you can delete the question. – Michael Hampton Mar 3 '18 at 20:46

I have blogged it. The issue with DNS server's forwarders and DNS suffix in IP properties. It won't automatically add these things in windows server 2016.


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