I'm setting up some dashboards in Grafana using data from AWS CloudWatch for an EB application.

It works fine for getting EnvironmentHealth, however for anything else I get "No data point".

I have tried selecting ApplicationRequestsTotal ApplicationRequests2xx CPUIdle Different latencies, etc

On AWS documentation I don't see any different recommendation for other metric types.

Works: us-east-1 → AWS/ElasticBeanstalk → EnvironmentHealth → Stats → Maximum

Don't work: us-east-1 → AWS/ElasticBeanstalk → ApplicationRequestsTotal → Stats → Maximum

I have also changed from Maximum to Average, Minimum, etc.

Even going to AWS CloudWatch to create dashboard I can only see the EnvironmentHealth metric when I select per Environment.

Do I have to enable anything on CloudWatch to allow other metrics?


In Elastic Beanstalk, go to your env, configuration, monitoring and choose the metrics that you want to see.

You should also be aware that this might induce additional charges to your aws account.

Some stats are also available as part of ELB metrics in CloudWatch.

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