I have a distant server, that is not accessible from the outside world. I would like to turn it into a proxy nonetheless. I was thinking I could use server (that I fully own) to achieve my goal.

Apologies if the following is not clear enough, for I have very little knowledge about networking.

What I can do:

  • I know I can open a reverse ssh connexion from distant to server, and use it to access distant from the local computer. For instance, from local I can ssh server, then when logged in, use ssh localhost -p 12345 to finally access distant via ssh.
  • I also know about ssh -D 1080 server, that will allow me to use server as a SOCKS proxy from my computer

network figure

What I would like to do

I would like to open a SOCKS proxy from local, that uses the ip of distant. I have no idea wether this is possible, but in naive words, I'd say I'm trying to open a socks connexion to the server, while telling the server to use its own localhost:12345 to access internet.

In other words, I'm trying to funnel a SOCKS proxy from localto distant, thanks to server that is accessible via a public IP address.

Any idea/direction on how to do this, provided it is even possible ?


On local:

ssh -L 1080:localhost:1080
# now 1080 is listening on `local`

On server:

ssh -D 1080 -p 12345 localhost
# now 1080 is listening on `server`

Switch to autossh so the connections would persist.

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