I found the post How to associate an existing RDS instance to an Elastic Beanstalk environment? and tried to associate my existing RDS instance to Elastic Beanstalk by following it:

  • First, creating a manual snapshot from my existing RDS instance, called existing-rds-to-elasticbeanstalk (check), notice it's storage size of 20 GB: #snapshot:engine=mysql;id=existing-rds-to-elasticbeanstalk
  • Then, going into the EB App Environment Configuration > Database and choosing it (check); At this point the values of the lower section are set by default and storage size is set to 5 GB (can not be changed, mysql engine version also wrong): #/environment/configuration
    So I only give it a password, then click [Save] and [Apply].
  • I get the following deployment error:

    Creating RDS database: ... failed Reason: Invalid storage size for engine name mysql and storage type gp2: 5


The question is how to actually make this process work. Amazon's documentation doesn't help.

  • The reason I'm trying to do this is just to have the RDS_ environment variables so I don't save database credentials in my code repo, however I think I'm going to go with dotenv locally and add the env vars myself on EB config instead for that environment... – Jorge Orpinel Mar 7 '18 at 22:34
  • This stuff is still happening ): – Jorge Orpinel May 24 '18 at 1:36

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