Suddenly we got a problem on some windows pcs when accessing the dfs share. Before this the DFS access was working.

The Problem
Some clients suddenly cannot access the dfs share like: \\thedomain\dfs

Error: The Network Path was not found

\\thedomain.local\dfs resolves, but doesn't work either

When it starts happening
It seems to happen on clients which were rebooted.

What happened before
An Exchange 2007 was uninstalled from one of the domain controllers.


  • Server 2008 ( (domain controller; formerly sbs2008)
  • Server 2016 ( (dfs server)
  • Windows 10 / Windows 7 Clients

We already checked

  • works on most pcs: \thedomain.local\dfs
  • works on most pcs: \thedomain\dfs
  • works: net view \\
  • works: nslookup thedomain.local
  • works: Access via IP \\\dfs
  • fails: dfsdiag /testdfsconfig /dfsroot:\\thedomain.local\dfs
    • result: RPC Server is unavailable
  • works: dfsdiag /testdfsconfig /dfsroot:\\thedomain\dfs

Restarting the service "dfs-namespace" on the domain controller solved the problem.

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