When submitting GitHub issues, it's asked that we provide debug logs with the ticket. Does anyone know what are good fields/data to redact from the log?

For example, the output will include requests to AWS'S STS service which provides auth data. I imagine that would be good to remove, yeah? Should usernames, account ID's, user arns, etc be removed too?


First of all, when submitting them, they have a GPG key to hide your secrets from the entire internet. Definitely do that.

Second, when I had to do it I paged through the whole thing. Some of the things I hid:

  • Netblock information. Mostly transferring to different subnets. If some data leaks, targeted attackers will have an unexpectedly hard time mapping our inside network once they get a way to probe it.
  • Exact names. This took some work, but some judicious sed work replaced all the chicago-bind with dns01 and such. Bind for DNS isn't a bad guess, but mongodb vs cassandra is more useful for figuring out a targeted attack.
  • AWS account numbers.. These are part of the ARN and are quite sed-able.
  • Actual secrets. Some Terraform resources require things like passwords and access-keys. You may be surprised how much of that is in there if you've never looked at a debug dump before.

It's a lot of work, some of it manual.

  • Oh man, simplest solution being to just encrypt the log itself! Thanks! – Nathaniel Schweinberg Mar 9 '18 at 20:09

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