I'm running zsh 5.1.1 on Ubuntu 16.04. It seems that ~/.zprofile isn't sourced at login nor new terminal. ~/.zshrc is sourced however.

I am running oh-my-zsh.

Any ideas on why this is or how I can fix it?


~/.zprofile is only sourced when zsh is run as login shell, e.g. when logging in on the console or via SSH.

It will not be sourced by zsh when opening a new terminal or starting a new zsh session from within a running session. Anything you need in all interactive sessions, should be set in ~/.zshrc. Anything you need in all zsh sessions, including scripts, should be set in ~/.zshenv.

You can find additional information in the zshall manpage and on this site.

~/.zshprofile will (usually) also not be parsed by any other tools. So any environment variables set in ~/.zprofile will usually not be available in an X11 session. If you need some environment variable to be available globally in your session, you might want to have a look at man pam_env.

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