I have an AWS Cloudfront distribution setup to use an ACM certificate.

After updating the certificate, it seems it is not updating yet the certificate the distribution is using.

I am guessing this is expected (similar to the update delay in the distribution), but can't find a note in the AWS docs regarding this delay.


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According to this forum thread:

We have typically seen 2.5-3 hour delays for propagation


For me it has always been around 4 hours before Cloudfront sees the updated cert in ACM.

Be careful about how you check the cert that CF is providing. If you use a browser, the browser may be caching the older cert. For example, I went to my site using macOS Safari and it shows the old cert, 5 hours after updating. I tried Chrome and it shows the new cert.

I've found that using either cURL or this Digicert help page provides current, uncached, results.

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