I have one user whose computer just got updated to the 7.0 Remote Desktop Connection. Concurrently, she has started having a problem closing the MDI child windows in an old FoxPro application running on the remote server.

  • We have two different servers, both 2003, running the same application, one locally and one at a remote office. Only the remote office server is giving trouble.
  • It works fine for me, even when logging into her TS account. No other users have complained.
  • The other day the same user experienced an error message (path not found for a path showing a localization placeholder) starting the RDC, fixed by reboot. I suspect she may have had RDC running during the 7.0 upgrade.

User had two desktop icons for the application on the terminal server; one from All Users and one in her local profile. The All Users icon was pointing to the incorrect path (direct-local, whereas it is usually accessed via mapped drive)

I'm still left without a why, but at least it's working.

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