I've downloaded Weblogic Quick Installer from Oracles site (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/weblogic/downloads/index.html).

I've set ORACLE_BASE and ORACLE_HOME to directories with write permission.

export ORACLE_BASE="/u01/app/oracle"
export ORACLE_HOME="/Users/victormarconi/Workspace/Java/Oracle"


Then the installer creates a directory in my home called oraInventory. I'd like to leave my home directory with personal files only... not files from an application.

How can I inform the installer to install oraInventory to a custom directory?

What are the best (standard) locations to set ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, etc ?


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Generally you generate a file, for example oraInst.loc

With for example something like this content in it:


And then when running the jar file you provide the parameter to use it:

java -jar wlinstall.jar -invPtrLoc /opt/weblogic12/oraInst.loc ....

Note the paths I use are just examples, use whatever you prefer.


It's not a 100% answer, as I've not found how to define the oraInventory for this installer (Oracle's Weblogic Quick Installer).

BUT, if you use Weblogic Generic Installer, the GUI will prompt for a location to store oraInventory.


The installer documentation says, and I quote:

Installation Inventory Setup On UNIX operating systems, this screen opens if this is the first time you are installing any Oracle product on this host. Specify the location where you want to create your central inventory. Make sure that the operating system group name selected on this screen has write permissions to the central inventory location.

There is more:

Oracle Central Inventory Location on UNIX Operating Systems To find the Oracle central inventory on UNIX operating systems, look for the oraInst.loc file, which contains a pointer to the central inventory location.

This is normally /etc/oraInst.loc

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