I have several hard drives that I need to grab data from. All are formatted NTFS, a couple have Win 10 installed, a few have Win7 installed. Under Windows 2000 and XP, I could simply attach the drive via USB or PATA/SATA and I could view the contents and copy/paste files without ever running into a permissions issue. With Win7 through 10, I have to take ownership and jump through a couple of hoops to do the same thing. Doing this, however, really screws up access when I put the drive back in it's old machine and boot it up.

As an example: A user receives a new laptop and wants some of their old files transferred, BUT still needs the old laptop for a bit longer. To keep the amount of time this takes down, I would pull the old drive and stick it in a USB enclosure and plug it up to the new machine. Under XP this simply allows access to the files and I can transfer them without issue and re-install the drive in the old laptop without a hiccup. Under Win7-10, I have to take ownership of the user's home directory recursively (which usually takes hours), and even then I may sill have permissions issues copying from the drive. Once the copy is complete I re-install the drive in it's original laptop and power it up. The user then finds he/she has no permissions on their own home directory and taking ownership takes hours and may not reset everything properly, creating even more work to get it back to normal.

Is there a way to set up Win7-10 to bring it's security settings down to function like XP for something like this?

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