I'm currently experimenting with a couple of configurations of Apache and IIS on the same server box - so far using Apache as a proxy for IIS is winning, but another of my setups has Apache on a non-standard port with IIS taking the majority of traffic.

Both of these machines currently have PHP 5.2 installed. I want to upgrade to PHP 5.3, but the installer asks which server I'm running - I'm running both - so what do I tell it?

Which configuration will be the most flexible, tell it we're running IIS, or tell it we're running Apache?


Ok, I give up.

I'm gonna install PHP twice, once for Apache, once for IIS.

The IIS / PHP traffic is slow low, it's not gonna give much overhead anyways.

  • I had a really troublesome time getting PHP to work with IIS. Eventually I got it going as a FastCGI service: superuser.com/questions/115685/… - either way, if you install for IIS first it should be trivial to get it working for Apache (perhaps in fastcgi mode too) – PP. Mar 11 '10 at 10:44

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