I've installed 16.04 on Dell R710 server on RAID6. Boot mode is set to UEFI in BIOS.

After successful installation it stays in grub> console.

Output to ls command is

(hd0) (hd1) (hd1,apple2) (hd1,apple1) (hd1,msdos2)  (cd0)
  • hd0 is my RAID6 disk
  • hd1 is the USB stick which I install Ubuntu 16.04 from

Using the rescure option in USB stick I've accessed a /bin/sh terminal and checked with fdisk -l to make sure it contains grub.cfg and its content is as expected

search.fs_uuid b53fe0e6-485e-4278-a604-d309960bc542 root hd0,gpt2
set prefix=($root)'/boot/grub'
configfile $prefix/grub.cfg

In grub> console I tried typing first line of above and it says

error: failure reading sector 0x0 from 'cd0'
error: failure reading sector 0x0 from 'cd0'.
error: no such device: b53fe0e6-485e-4278-a604-d309960bc542
  • I'm having the same issue in Ubuntu 18.04. Dell R710, raid6, same size. Hoping to find a way to use the whole raid. Haven't attempted splitting it into smaller raid sizes. – ytjohn Jun 13 '18 at 12:49

My RAID6 ends up 3.6TB. I've made a RAID1 drive with 600GB. Then it installs fine. Not sure its the BIOS or GRUB issue. Hope it helps someone with same issue.

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