When configuring MIT Kerberos to use an LDAP database instead of DB2, I was surprised to see that user password hashes are stored in two different fields: userPassword and krbPrincipalKey. Seems the hashing algorithms may be different, but that seems unnecessary too. Why not just consolidate to avoid synchronization issues?


OpenLDAP cannot directly handle krbPrincipalKey data for authentication. I am not entirely familiar with how FreeIPA handles handles passwords, but for other OpenLDAP/Kerberos installations, OpenLDAP is often instructed to use SASL passthrough authentication.

  • Yes, but why? It seems it would be easier to update either Kerberos or the LDAP server to be able handle a different password field format then go through all the trouble to handle keeping two separate fields in sync or setting up an external SASL daemon for SASL passthrough. – Ryan Apr 10 '18 at 13:45

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