Avahi now runs in Ubuntu to serve as a nameserver on How do I figure out which nameserver(s) Avahi auto-discovered to use?

  • You might get a better answer if you reword your question to something like "My configuration is A defaults, I ran command X, got the result Y. How do i confirm the source of the Y result." – anx Apr 6 '18 at 12:55

Seems that this is ultimately still coming from Network Manager.

I was able to find my eth0 device with:

# nmcli con show
NAME                UUID                                  TYPE            DEVICE
Wired connection 1  eaa034b4-c9a6-3469-9c20-d0922e777d6b  802-3-ethernet  eth0
cni0                6f4e3d15-6ba1-43a2-8c29-609676e5b7fc  bridge          cni0
docker0             5112d4fe-6490-4f9a-bce2-02651b2bd4a7  bridge          docker0

and then find the nameservers that avahi ulimately uses with:

# nmcli con show "Wired connection 1" | grep domain_name_servers
DHCP4.OPTION[4]:                        domain_name_servers =

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