I have purchased my domain from GoDaddy. I have hosted my website in Azure VMSS with Azure Application Gateway. In Azure DNS, I have create the zone for mine website. In GoDaddy, I have added Name Servers that I got from Azure DNS. But my site is not accessible. Also when I am trying to do nslookup "site.com" it is giving me error as "** server can't find site.com: NXDOMAIN" Please help

  • Gee, a good start would be to tell us the actual domain name so that we could actually give you accurate answers. As it stands now your problem COULD LITERALLY BE ANYTHING. – joeqwerty Apr 6 '18 at 22:20

You have not changed your NS records for the domain to point to Azure DNS. When you created your DNS zone in Azure it would have given you 4 NS records to use, you need to change your domain to use these. At the moment it is returning these:

ns55.domaincontrol.com. |
ns56.domaincontrol.com. |
ns55.domaincontrol.com. | 2607:f208:206::1c
ns56.domaincontrol.com. | 2607:f208:302::1c

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