i got a problem with my desired ftp solution. i run a vsftp server on Debian and connecting with FTP over TLS. all allowed users are jailed in a chroot after login.

Now i want to mount different folders inside the users chroot. For every single user i want to mount other folders.

So my idea is to create a file like a "acces-list" with foldernames, inside every users home (chroot) and execute a script after FTP-login and FTP-logout to mount and umount the folders from the "acces-list".

with an ssh login or some other shell login it works fine by using ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_logout.

Is there any way to execute the bashrc/bash_logout at users FTP-login? Is there any other way to start scripts like that while login with FTP over TLS?

I am glad for any help

greetings Danloc

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