We've got a rack room in a project where we dont have AC.

Ive got a room which we plan to setup as per the rough diagram here. The rack room has 3 external walls.

rough diagram of rack room

The rack is an open frame rack with no sides / back and no fans on the rack itself other than the fans built into various equipment.

Ive vented rack rooms like this before and its worked, but id like to know if there is some way i can calculate the required fan / ventilation requirements.

I can get a total CFM for all of the hardware or a total BTU output, would it just be a question of making sure that the extract fan has a greater CFM output than the total output CFM output of the AV hardware ?

  • What are the temperature extremes (max and min) you must cope with in the outside air, and what are the minimum and maximum temperatures your equipment is rated for? Also relevant, what are the humidity extremes (these affect the amount of energy the air can transport) and the humidity tolerance of your equipment? – Slartibartfast Apr 10 '18 at 12:18

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