MySQL Community-Server 5.6.39 RHEL7 Scenraio: Trying to process binary logs to restore the incremental backup and receive max_allowed_packet error.

Turned off binary logs,restarted the database. Backed up the current schema using.

**mysqldump -u root -p --single-transaction --databases nsb > /backup/nsb_backup.sql**

Turned on binary logging and restarted the database.

Now I created a new schema called abcd, created two tables abc and xyz in it. Populated the tables with 1M rows.

insert into abc values (100000, 'ABCDBDHDBFFFL'); and then insert into abc select * from abc; If I understand it these all changes are recorded in the binary logs. There were binary logs in the data directory from MYSQLTEST_binlog.000001 to MYSQLTEST_binlog.000010.

Now I dropped the new schema abcd hoping it to restore using binary logs.

Restarted the database: Tried to restore using

$ mysqlbinlog MYSQLTEST_binlog.0000{01..10} > /tmp/test.sql

Now I tried to reload the test.sql dump.

$ mysql -u root -p < /tmp/test.sql

It goes on for some time and I receive the irritating error in the log file Aborted connection 1 to db: 'abcd' user: 'root' host: 'localhost' (Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes)

I confirmed the same in the my.cnf file which was already set to 1G in the [mysqld] section. The maximum permissible value for this variable is 1G. I can't raise it further.

Could anyone help me understand what is happening. Is it the repeated inserts causing this issue or anything else? I checked some forums but all suggest me to check the my.cnf file for max_allowed_packet and they suggest to restart the database. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/93128/mysql-error-1153-got-a-packet-bigger-than-max-allowed-packet-bytes

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Also most other questions on the web are related to replication and max_allowed_packet. My question is not about replication.

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