I am a little stuck here. Setting up a new server (for storage spaces) one of the disks we wanted to use for other purposes got pulled into the primordial storage pool. Somehow I see no option to remove it. There seems to be no way to change the CanPool attribute on the disk.

It does not show up under get-disk, and under get-physicaldisk it is marked with "CanPool true".

How do I remove it from the primordial pool so I can format as basic disc?


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Here are some powershell commands which helped me through this. The command Rikuto shared is part of the solution but I had to shutdown S2D in order for the command to work.

#find out the unique id for your disk (look for the disk you just created by size)
Get-PhysicalDisk | Select-Object -Property FriendlyName, uniqueID, Size

#assign the UID of the desired disk to a variable
$DiskUID = "<unique disk ID>"

#disable S2D so that disk can be freed from pool and set disk to not be claimed by pool
Set-ClusterStorageSpacesDirectDisk -CanBeClaimed:$false -PhysicalDiskIds $DiskUID

#re-enable S2D and wait for your clustered volume to become healthy

I hope this helps.

  • No need to Disable and then Enable the S2D. Just make sure you first remove the disk(s) from the S2D pool. Then run the Set-ClusterStorageSpacesDirectDisk and the disk will now show up as a standard disk in Disk Manager.
    – John C
    Nov 9, 2018 at 18:17
  • Just trying to remove the disk gives an error Remove-PhysicalDisk : This operation is not supported on primordial storage pools. The Disable-ClusterStorageSpacesDirect` command is not available for me
    – Elliott B
    Apr 24, 2020 at 21:46

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