I have two machines on the same LAN, I usually ssh from one to the other and I was wondering if I could create a symbolic or hard link from a box that points to the other one.

I'm using OSX on both PC's

Thanks a lot!


you can have a symbolic link if you will use nfs/smb/afp to mount a directory.

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Do you want an icon that opens the SSH shell? or a file link that opens the finder to the other machine's hard drive?

For a SSH shell icon you can make a text file that contains the ssh command and change its name to something.command.

For a remote folder you can add a symbolic link that points to a mounted folder.

# ln -s {path} {linkname}

I think you can do something functionally equivalent to the later using the finder and adding the remote folder to the dock or sidebar.

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you can make a directory as mounting point an mount the filesystems from the other computer through sshfs and macfuse. for mac osx look at this site.
you have to download and install the macfuse core dmg and after installation the seperate sshfs dmg.

example mountcommand:

/Applications/sshfs/bin/mount_sshfs USER@HOST:DIRECTORY /PATH/TO/YOUR/MOUNTPOINT

of course you can't do anything other than filesystem related stuff over this. if you want to start/stop processes or anything like that you have to login through ssh.

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