The question is simple. How can "distribute" domains and subdomains between app engine/compute engine in Google Cloud?
For example, I have the following domain: example.com
I want to use the subdomain www.example.com to host static/dynamic web pages related to my company.
Buy another domain, for example, application.com, and here host a web application built in ASP.NET or another framework, I don't know.
Use the subdomain api.example.com to host a ASP.NET Core MVC/Web API application that handles all API requests (related to user data, for example if the application is a chat app) coming from application.com application.

Summary Domain: example.com
- www.example.com -> Host static/dynamic pages related to my company
- api.example.com -> Manage all users, databases, and has the API controllers

Domain: application.com
- www.application.com -> Host chat app for example

How do I have to do it? Create multiple Google Cloud projects? Or multiple instances of App engine/Compute engine? And how can I "distribute" the domains and subdomains explained above

  • Assuming, you are asking about mapping the domains running on GAE, Yes, you will be able to use domain and sub-domains with custom domain mapping, then create DNS records for the domain to do anything you want to do – N Singh Apr 30 '18 at 19:28

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