I'm now working on a system that runs on Windows 7 PCs, and makes heavy use of several Ethernet interfaces.

This system becoming complex, we now need a Backup \ Restore solution. One of the issues I encounter is on the network configuration.

It is necessary for us to be able to restore a backup on a PC from the same type (same make, same hardware configuration) that the source PC.
Network parameters we need to backup \ restore are, for each interface:

  • IP Address (static)
  • Subnet mask
  • Interface Name (we can't assume at any moment that it has any recognizable value, like the default "Local Area Connection N")

First solution explored was using netsh naively.

netsh -c interface dump > netconfig.cnf

And then the following command to restore.

netsh -f netconfig.cnf

The main issue is that this solution doesn't restore interface names, and even worse, rely on interface names to restore other parameters.

Another possibility would have been that the PNPDeviceID or the InterfaceIndex of each interface would be unique and always distributed using the same sequence.
I had a look to those properties for all interfaces on a bunch of machine, and there was no apparent sequence.

How could I achieve such a Backup of a computer's network configuration in a reliable way?

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