I have defined a share in samba config, I am looking to modify permissions on a subfolder within MyShare to allow a specific NTFS group named MyFolder_Security modification rights and all other (with exception to root) groups/users read permissions only. Having issues going into folder and making modification to group on particular folder stay on particular file within special folder.

comment = "blah blah blah"
browseable = yes
guest ok = no
read only = no
path = /xxx/xxxxx/
create mask = 0640
directory mask = 0750
admin users = @"domain\Domain Admins", @"domain\group A", @"domain\group B"
valid users = @"domain\Domain Admins", @"domain\group A", @"domain\group B"
nt acl support = Yes
inherit acls = yes
inherit owner = yes
inherit permissions = yes

the linux perissions on MyShare are: drwxr-xr-x 116 root root

I have modified the group on folder within from: drwxrwx---+ 3 root Domain Users to: drwxrwx---+ 3 root MyFolder_security

NTFS properties have MyFolder_Secruity as Full Control Access, as well as root I have a user that is allowed access to MyShare, and is not a member of MyFolder, and the user is capable of opening an xls spreadsheet within MyFolder and modifying a document. Once this occurs the document permissions change from: -rwxrwxr--+ 1 root MyFolder_security to: -rwxrwxr--+ 1 root Domain Users

Unable to determine where the error is occuring.

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    – warren
    Commented Dec 4, 2009 at 1:27
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    – VGE IT
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Did you check

getfacl /path/to/MyShare

to get all of the acl's set on that directory? The primary group of the user that opens the document is most likely "Domain Users", causing the permissions to change when they access the file.


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