I wish to redirect my custom http port traffic to custom https port based on the port I receive traffic on

I have multiple bind statements :

 bind ssl crt /etc/haporxy/somecert.crt

What I've tried :

acl is7777 dst_port 7777
http-request redirect code 301 https://%[req.hdr(Host)]:9999%[capture.req.uri] if is7777

However when I look at the logs in Chrome's dev tools I always see that the value of req.hdr(Host) is preserving the value of the old port so I get redirected to

How do i get just the domain name and redirect it to the desired destination port of 9999

Also, something like this :

http-request replace-value Host (.*):7777 \1:9999

Breaks the application flow since there are multiple redirects later. I need to go from 7777(http) to 9999(https) . haproxy version: 1.5


Either remove port from redirect or replace-value

http-request replace-value Host (.*):7777 \1
http-request redirect location https://%[req.hdr(Host)]:9999%[capture.req.uri] if is7777


http-request replace-value Host (.*):7777 \1:9999
http-request redirect location https://%[req.hdr(Host)]%[capture.req.uri] if is7777
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  • thanks so much ! works as expected. to add to your solution i added a "if is7777" in the replace-value line. – UtkarshK Apr 24 '18 at 8:22

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