How to load balancer on GCP on a custom port, according to google docs

the only supported ports for TCP load balancer is 25, 43, 110, 143, 195, 443, 465, 587, 700, 993, 995, 1883, 5222 and I need other port, any idea?


The TCP proxy load balancer is limited by the ports it supports as you and @Django said.

However, depending on your use case the network load balancer might suit your needs. As stated in the documentation:

You can use it to load balance UDP traffic, and TCP and SSL traffic on ports that are not supported by the SSL proxy and TCP proxy load balancers.

The main difference is the following:

Network load balancer:

  • Regional
  • Non-proxied

TCP proxy load balancer:

  • Global
  • Proxied

This port limitation is for the TCP proxy load balancer and is due to the way TCP proxy load balancers are managed within the GCP internal infrastructure. It is not possible to use any port outside of this list.

There is still the possibility to ask for a feature request to Google Cloud Platform support so that another widely used port be added to the available ports list.
This is explained in this online documentation.

For example, there is actually a public feature request to add port 22. No ETA is provided for the moment.

Depending on your need, there are various types of load balancers in Google Cloud Platform.

TCP internal load balancer permits selecting any port, but has other limitations. Depending on your needs, there is certainly a load balancer that can manage your case study. Here is the page where they are all presented.

Finally this link contains an enormous amount of information about global load balancing and the way it works internally.

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