After booting there are leftovers of boot logs in the console. It is always a fixed number of lines. In console mode with the resolution of 640*480 it covers the whole screen leaving the console prompt completely out of bounds and I'm forced to use it blindly.

In graphics mode it covers only a little top section of the screen divided from the operational part of the screen by a purple line, however when the console becomes filled with text the prompt still goes out of bounds, so I'm still forced to operate half blind.

Console as seen in graphics mode

  • Your monitor is probably too old to send EDID data to the computer which would tell it the correct screen resolution. Replace the monitor. – Michael Hampton Apr 27 '18 at 14:18

Alright, I've found the solution here. The problem was in the grub settings. I've just set the line




Thanks, everyone who tried to help me!

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