I am trying to RADIUS authenticate on my HP ProCurve 2910al W14.38 with both console and SSH.

My show authentication shows the following:

Access Task | Login Primary  Login Secondary  Enable Primary  Enable Secondary
Console     | Radius         Local            Radius          Local
SSH         | Radius         Local            Radius          Local

On my two DCs that are running NPS on the RADIUS Clients I have the 2 switches set and a secret key is set. The switches are communication with the RADIUS server. If it wasn't it would give me an error stating "Can't Reach RADIUS server".

When I try to SSH to my switches with my username and password for the domain it says access denied and closes the connection.

I can only login with admin account.

I can ping both RADIUS servers from the switch.

Switch Authentication Configuration:

aaa authentication login privilege- mode 
aaa authentication console login radius local
aaa authentication console enable radius local 
aaa authentication ssh login radius local 
aaa authentication ssh enable radius local 
radius-server host key "XXXXX" 
radius-server host key "XXXXX"

Looks like the secret key is not the issue. There is something preventing my credentials from passing with the network policy. This is a default policy with the following settings:

Access Permissions - Grant Access
Authentication Method - Unencrypted authentication (PAP, SPAP) OR MS-CHAP v1 or MS-CHAP v1 (Users can change password after it has expired) OR MS-CHAP v2 (User can change password after it has expired).
NAP Enforcement - Allow full network access
Update Noncompliant Clients - True
Framed-Protocol - PPP
Service-Type - Administrative
Condition: User Group - <usergroup>
Condition: Client Friendly Name - Switch HostName

Not sure what is blocking the authentication.


The Firmware on the switch was 14.38. The HPE website showed that was the latest firmware. After some Google searching someone posted a better link to HPE downloads.

Link: https://h10145.www1.hpe.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=J9146A

Found the updated Firmware was 15.14. Flashed the Bios and RADIUS is now authenticating correctly.

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