I'am trying to setup strongswan with pubkey and EAP authentication. To login users need to have certificate and valid credentials.

My certificate is ok. I tested pubkey auth and it was ok, also EAP is working, but when i trying run this two auth methods at a same time i have auth error.

I tested this on win7 and on android (strongswan client).

How can i setup this ? Is it possible at all ?




username : EAP "password"

ver. strongSwan U5.3.5/K4.4.0-116-generic


Using two (or more) authentication methods in IKEv2 requires support for RFC 4739.

Unfortunately, a lot of clients don't support this, for instance, the built-in IKEv2 clients in Windows and macOS/iOS.

But combining certificate and username/password-based client authentication should work with the strongSwan Android app, if the client profile is configured appropriately ("IKEv2 Certificate + EAP (Username/Password)" is the VPN type to select there).

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