I currently use ActiveMQ to serve a STOMP message queue with several topics. As we are now starting to get several thousand connections to the queue, I have been trying to implement NIO to reduce the number of threads used.

Following the documentation, I have modified my configuration to add NIO as follows:

However, when testing I am still getting two threads per connection - one named NIO Transport Thread and another named BrokerService.

I was expecting thread use to be much lower using NIO. Therefore - am I wrong in my expectations, or are there more configuration changes required for NIO?



Having a quick flick through the ActiveMQ Developer Forums, it appears that there has been a few architectural issues with the way the Stomp transport has historically been implemented in AMQ.

It looks like issue AMQ-2386 may potentially resolve the problem you seem to be experiencing and it might be best checking out a revision >= 813722 of the ActiveMQ trunk to see if it fixes your problem?

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