After reading multiple documentations around setting up a MS 2016 Fail-over Cluster with Storage Spaces on VMware ESX it seems that this configuration is not supported but it only says server 2012 and above.

I am looking for people's advice with virtualizing a MSCS File Server with RDMs using Storage spaces on VMware. What are the expected issues or why is this configuration not supported?


You can doesn't mean you should. For shared storage you can stick with shared virtual disks and NOT do any SDS within clustered production VMs: This only brings in an extra level of complexity.


  • That article doesn't actually say that you can't use Storage Spaces to create a Virtual disk... Essentially I am looking to do something similar to LVM on Linux and have a group of virtual disks that I can manage from a pool. – Laywah Jul 26 '18 at 5:43

Any nested virtualization is not supported for production, but can be used for proof of concept. Also, you can create a shared storage between hosts and create a file server inside VM which will be located on shared storage and in such case nested FC is not needed.

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